Consular registration is a consular act by which a Portuguese citizen’s identification is officially included in the archives of the consular post of his/her area of residence. Proof of this can be obtained in the form of Consular Registration Certificate, indicating that he/she is registered at the consulate of his/her area of jurisdiction.


Portuguese nationals are required to register at the Embassy/Consulate of Portugal, of their respective jurisdiction.


The registration can only be effective if the individual has Portuguese nationality. A Consular Registration Certificate can be issued to any Portuguese citizen having a valid Bilhete de Identidade/ Cartão de Cidadão / Portuguese Passport.



Documents needed:-

  • Two identical photographs (passport size, white background)
  • Valid original Bilhete de Identidade / Cartão de Cidadão / Portuguese Passport.
  • Photo copy of assento de nascimento and assento de casamento (if marriage is registered in Portugal) 
  • Proof of current / change in address.


FEES:         (Kindly refer to Consular fees for the amount)


The above requirements and fees are subject to change/modification without prior notice.