The Citizen's Card is the new multipurpose identification document for Portuguese Citizens, in a smart card format, with an integrated chip; the Card replaces the current existing identification documents:


  • Bilhete de Identidade
  • Social Security Card
  • Fiscal Identification Card
  • National Health Service Card



The Citizen's Card (CC) can be issued after the birth is registered. It can be issued only to the applicant himself. Portuguese nationals residing in other countries can apply for the card at any Consular Posto in the area of their residence.



The Citizen's Card is valid for 5 years, however, in some exceptional circumstances, the validity may be different (namely, in case of children).



For first time application:


Documents needed:-

  • Two recent photographs (passport size, white background);
  • Document of identification: original & copy of Indian Passport with elements of identification similar to those stated in the Assento de Nascimento;
  • Copy of Assento de Nascimento;
  • Copy of Assento de Casamento (if marriage registered in Portugal);


Note: In case the applicant is a minor (below 18 years), and is applying CC for the first time, he/she has to be accompanied by both parents with their passports. In absence of any one parent, a Power of Attorney has to be presented autorising the accompanying parent to apply for the minors CC along with a copy of ID proof of the person mentioned in POA (valid original Bilhete de Identidade Cartão de Cidadão / Passport). Incase of Indian passport, it needs to be notarised / attested.



For renewal of Bilhete de Identidade / Cartão de Cidadão:

Bilhete de Identidade (BI) or Cartão de Cidadão (CC) can be renewed once the validity expires or within 6 months before the date of its expiry.

For renewal of BI / CC of minor children, they need to be accompanied by either one of the parents along with a valid ID document and its copy.


Documents needed:-

  • Two recent photographs (passport size, white background);
  • Original Bilhete de Identidade / Cartão de Cidadão 


NOTE: Those applicants that are not registered at the Consulate General of Portugal in Goa, kindly carry along with you a copy of Assento de Nascimento and Assento de Casamento (if marriage is registered in Portugal), and copies of BI/CC, passport, OCI and address proof along with originals.



In case of loss or theft of Bilhete de Identidade / Cartão de Cidadão:


Documents needed:-

  • Police FIR Report;
  • Two recent photographs (passport size, white background);
  • Copy of the lost or stolen Bilhete de Identidade / Cartão de Cidadão;
  • Valid original Passport / Valid Inscricão Consular certificate;



Priority for processing CC applications: NORMAL and URGENT.


Collection of CC: The citizen's card can be collected only by the applicant himself. Minor children need to be accompanied by either one parent.

Entry time for collection: Between 14.30 to 15.00 hrs. 


For further information, access the following website:



FEES:         (Kindly refer to Consular fees for the amount)



The above requirements and fees are subject to change/modification without prior notice.