A power of attorney is a legal consent given willingly to an appointed person granting him powers to represent / carry out specific tasks on behalf of the person who authorizes it.


Power of Attorney which needs Consulate notarization is done in 3 forms:


1.      Through Public Instrument.

(Issued at the Consulate)


2.      Through a document created by the applicant himself and then presented at the Consulate

(To be signed in the presence of an official at Consulate)


3.       Through a document, created by the applicant himself, with local attestation.


Documents needed:-

  • Bilhete de Identidade/ Cartão de Cidadão / Passport;
  • Format of the Power of Attorney (if applicable).


FEES:         (Kindly refer to Consular fees for the amount)


The above rules and fees are subject to change/modification without prior notice.